Press release: A health revolution in the skies with FLYWELL, IN.bowl and The Aviation Nutritionist

Three of the most innovative brands in the air travel wellness sector are ripping up the rule book with a revolutionary new passenger experience designed to promote healthy flying. FLYWELL, IN Air Travel Experience’s IN.bowl and The Aviation Nutritionist have pioneered a holistic approach to the cabin environment, combining their expertise in in-flight nutrition, wellness, relaxation and fine cuisine – along with a game-changing new concept for eating meals at altitude: the IN.bowl.

FLYWELL IN.bowl is a nourishing range of one-dish meals curated by The Aviation Nutritionist, designed to boost immunity and combat the negative effects of air travel. The revitalizing, fresh, nutritionally-balanced bowls represent a paradigm shift for cabin food, stimulating body and mind while providing airlines with an efficient and environmentally sustainable in-flight service.

Developed by The Aviation Nutritionist experts, the IN.bowl menu reflects the company’s deep understanding of nutritional principles and the effects of air travel on the body. The ingredients are carefully selected to balance immunity and body function while ensuring passengers maintain peak physical and mental performance during and after their flight.

As part of the experience, the award-winning FLYWELL in-flight entertainment programme offers a varied menu of health-focused techniques for both the mind and body, including breathing exercises, guided meditations, and gentle yoga sequences. It helps to educate travellers about the benefits of maintaining healthy digestive function, improving respiratory ability, balancing the immune system, and expanding lung capacity.

Sustainable, reusable and space-efficient, the FLYWELL IN.bowls are multi-purpose: designed for an improved economy class long-haul dining experience, they are also suitable for premium cabin and ideal for pre-order.

Wishing you wellness, comfort and serenity

Charlotte Dodson, FLYWELL Co-founder and Ambassador says: “By working to relax and calm the body – and providing it with the right nutrients to assist in its optimal functioning – the traveller will be able to still their mind and create better conditions for internal balance. Our collaboration with IN Air Travel Experience and The Aviation Nutritionist is the perfect partnership, giving travellers a one-stop, hands-on holistic wellness guide – delicious healthy food combined with selfcare video, audio and ebook content”.

Anne De Hauw, Founder of IN Air Travel Experience and creator of the IN.bowl says: “The scale of inflight catering today is astonishing, as is its waste problem. Half-eaten meals, discarded packaging, empty plastic water bottles. The IN.bowl not only minimizes cabin waste, it also reduces [catering] costs substantially. By partnering with FLYWELL, we have created a fully-sustainable and holistic game-changer that is completely tailored for the airline industry’s inflight operations.”

The Aviation Nutritionist CEO Sarah Anderson says: “Who would have thought of putting the words ‘aviation’ and ‘nutrition’ together back in 2015? Menus served at 30,000ft should be every bit as nourishing as the meals we eat on the ground. Mouth-watering, nutritionally-tailored meals are no longer the preserve of private aviation – our aim is to serve invigorating, balanced, restaurant-quality meals to all passengers, from First to Economy.”