FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub Captains

Introduced for 2024, our Captains help to set the high-level agenda for the FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub and ensure that we’re focusing on the technologies and trends that have the potential to genuinely revolutionise the aviation industry. Day to day, they explore and implement game-changing technologies to create new efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance the customer experience for their respective organisations. As a result, each of our Captains brings unparalleled insight and experience to the table and adds a new layer of expertise to the FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub. They will help curate content and drive rich discussions between our members to ensure maximum value is delivered to all.

Kevin Kleist

Sr. Emerging Trends Advisor, Southwest Airlines and Head of Innovation, Digitalisation & Startup Engagement,

Future Travel Experience

Hannah Meredith

Senior Manager of Strategic Innovation,

Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport

Javed Malik

Advisory Board Chairman, Ink Innovation and former Group Chief Operations Officer,


Aaron Beeson

Director of Innovation,

ANA Aeroportos de Portugal

Samuel Ingalls

Principal, Barich, Inc. and former Assistant Director of Aviation, Information Systems,

Harry Reid International Airport